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Volunteer Work in Sri Lanka

volunteer work in Sri LankaWhen you travel to Sri Lanka, you will discover a country so mysterious and breathtaking. Yet, despite this beauty, there is a need to care for its underprivileged locals. Sri Lanka recognizes this need for more volunteers to teach and care for underprivileged families. Different non-government organizations (NGO) have made it possible for volunteers to travel and do volunteer work in Sri Lanka.

Aside from an enriching and unforgettable experience of helping others, volunteers will find joy in Sri Lanka’s culture and cuisines. Sri Lanka has consistently topped travelers’ choice of destination in Asia. It has a vibrant culture that includes fine arts and crafts, festivals and people of diverse ethnicity with a heartwarming hospitality and charm.

Different NGOs have arranged volunteer programs mostly focusing on local orphanages, teaching English in local schools, teaching Buddhist monks, as well as animal care such as elephant orphanages and turtle conservation projects. Because volunteers generally pay for their board and lodging, a lot of these NGOs have come up with affordable volunteer programs, wherein some have included training materials, sightseeing tours, recreational activities and travel insurance as part of the package.

The first week of volunteer work is usually composed of a language and cultural immersion wherein the volunteer will undergo an intensive program that will familiarize him with the ways of life in Sri Lanka. This includes language training and lessons on history and culture. Organizers believe that when you understand the life and culture around you, you will be able to get a richer and more rewarding experience.

As a volunteer, you will stay with your host families who have been well screened by the organizers or the sponsoring institution. With them, you have a safer home, with running water and clean lavatories. Some volunteers choose to stay in a modest motel at a small additional fee. [Learn more about living in Sri Lanka]

Volunteers with skills are instrumental especially in teaching livelihood programs. For instance, there are NGOs looking for a civil engineer who will not only teach the locals basic construction or repair skills, but will also help solve the serious flooding problems in their area. With this, you not only touch the person’s life, but you also make a contribution to the local community.

Whatever your skills, or your lack thereof, should not be a hindrance to your willingness to volunteer. The beauty of volunteer work in Sri Lanka is that your passion and commitment outweigh your skills and organizations will always find ways to use them to help make a difference in the lives of underprivileged families in Sri Lanka.


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