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Jobs for foreigners in Sri Lanka

jobs for foreigners in sri lankaSri Lanka presents lots of working opportunities for foreigners, ranging from volunteer work to teaching English.

If you are a recent graduate, the most common jobs you will find are voluntary and relief work in Sri Lanka, teaching English to children and adults and other activities with non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

If you already possess a strong working experience, decide whether you want to work in the same career or try something new in Sri Lanka. Obtain a work permit by submitting an application to the Sri Lankan Department of Immigration and Emigration. Note that most employers do help with the submission of the required documents for approval of your work permit.

Be prepared for competition. There is a growing number of expats and graduates in Sri Lanka. You can improve your chances of getting a job by knowing Sinhala and Tamil. This will be a very big advantage. English is becoming widely spoken and your bilingual skills will definitely give you an edge.

Make sure that you have a comprehensive CV that truthfully represents your qualifications, experience, key skills, as well as relevant personal information. Write your CV according to British standards i.e. up to four pages and should always be accompanied by a covering letter and a brief summary page. Generally, your educational qualifications will be recognized in Sri Lanka as long as your degree or other qualification has been awarded by a recognized UK university or academic institution.

Job interviews in Sri Lanka are generally formal. The interview process is very similar to those in the UK, and usually involves panel interviews and psychometric testing. Look the part when going on interviews as employers place importance on smart dress and punctuality. You should address people using their surnames, unless you know them personally.

Aside from teaching and volunteer work opportunities, usual job vacancies in the private sector include those in the industry of hospitality and tourism, customer relations, engineering, finance, textile and apparel.

Sri Lanka is in the process of reaching its full potential. If you want to join this growth, take part in their employment market. Sri Lanka is raising its profile to become one of Asia’s icons. If you are looking at enriching your work experience, try Sri Lanka and embrace the adventure that awaits you.


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