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Living and Working in Sri Lanka

living in sri lanka Sir Arthur Clarke, a notable writer of the 1950s, made Sri Lanka his home. He said that Sri Lanka is an island jewel of the Indian Ocean and is the best place in the world to view the universe. And it is indeed beautiful. Sri Lanka is famous for its 1,600 kilometers of unspoilt, golden beaches and diverse climate zones. Sri Lankans are very friendly, hospitable and laid-back.

Sri Lanka’s currency system is in Rupees. Its market-based economy is growing again and the government is setting some ambitious plans for their development. Sri Lanka’s main exports are textiles, clothing, tea and spices, rubber manufactures, precious stones, coconuts and tobacco.

There is much more to this nation than its breathtaking scenery and warm locals. With its main economic sectors being tourism, tea, textiles and apparel manufacturing and rice, there is a lot of activity in these industries. Demand for more and more English-speaking individuals are present, and work can be found with large firms, especially those maintaining offices in Colombo, the largest city in Sri Lanka.

Expat Life in Sri Lanka: Expat life in Sri Lanka has so much to offer. It gives you a great intercultural experience. You will be able to discover its beautiful countryside, learn how Sri Lankans celebrate their traditions and taste their national dishes. It is an enriching experience that will surely be unforgettable.

If you are moving to or have already moved to Sri Lanka, you need to credible information to help you adjust to your new environment. Relocation matters, finding schools for your children, living expenses and work permits are only some of the issues that you need to consider. Collecting all these information may be tedious. Fortunately, there are sources that will provide you with the help you need. [Learn more about Expat life in Sri Lanka]

Working in Sri Lanka: The average working hours in Sri Lanka is a 5-day workweek, from Monday to Friday, typically 9am to 5pm for government and businesses. There are around 25 public holidays. Tax rates may be found at the website of Inland Revenue of Sri Lanka, although generally, it is pegged at 5%.

Jobs for Foreigners in Sri Lanka: Although salaries in Sri Lanka are generally lower than those in the developed countries (USA, UK, Canada, UAE for example), it still attracts a lot of foreigners to come work or spend a long holiday. Aside from teaching posts, there is also a demand on customer care jobs and other similar jobs that require bilingual skills. [Learn more about jobs for foreigners in Sri Lanka]

Teaching Jobs in Sri Lanka: If you are interested in teaching in Sri Lanka, try to focus your attention to language classes. Although the British Council does have a presence in Sri Lanka, there are still many available posts for experienced and qualified English teachers. If you are comfortable in conducting tuition classes, you may want to look into advertising your services in major English newspapers. Chances of getting teaching posts will increase if you finance yourself or go through voluntary organizations. If you are to apply for work from outside of Sri Lanka, work permits are to be arranged by the employer, and visas by the employee.

Volunteer Work in Sri Lanka: Volunteer work involves caring for children, teenagers and people with disabilities, archaeological and community development projects, studying, surveying and monitoring plants and animals, restoring industrial heritage, laying hedges or planting forests. Most volunteers are self-funding. However, help is often provided through fundraising, sponsorships or non-profit organizations. In most cases, volunteers would have to pay a fee to cover board, lodging, and other extras. [Learn more about Volunteer work in Sri Lanka]

Keep in mind that there are positive and negative aspects about working abroad, so it depends on which factors weigh the most for you. Sri Lanka is a beautiful country where the weather is warm, the atmosphere is enjoyable and the people friendly.

Latest jobs in Sri Lanka